Which Yoga is good for Glowing Skin? Top 5 yoga asanas to get a radiant Glowing Skin

If you are tired of searching for which yoga is good for glowing skin then your search ends here finally. Everybody nowadays whether a male or a female are very particular about their looks. Everybody nowadays wants a clear, flawless, spotless, glowing skin. Many people do many things to get a radiant natural glow to their face, but eventually fail trying multiple things. Surprisingly, yoga is an ancient Indian practice that has been used by countless people to get a glowing skin without even at any cost.

If you have gotten tired of searching for the exercises to get that radiant glow on your face, your search, after reading this article will definitely going to end successfully. Today in this article we are going to discuss which yoga is good for glowing skin.

Relation between Health of Internal Organs and Glowing Skin

A Healthy Gut

The glow and radiance of the skin generally depends on the internal health of the internal organs. If the internal organs in your body particularly your gut isn’t working properly or has some issues, then you surely will going to face skin related problems as the digestion system of the body is directly proportional to the skin and cosmetic health of a person.

Yoga basically helps to improve the digestion system and the gut health of a person which in turn helps in doing the overall detoxification of the body. As the body gets detoxified, and all the toxins and unwanted stuffs gets out of the body. Automatically your body organs and your blood gets cleaned up and all the body then absorbs all the important nutrients of the food you eat which in turn helps in nourishing the body organs, blood and skin making your skin more brighter, tighter, smoother and youthful.

A Healthy Respiratory System

The glow of the body does not only depends on the gut only, but it is directly related to your respiratory organs too. The more amount of pure oxygen your respiratory organs will supply to your body, the more your skin will become more youthful which in turn will give you a smooth glowing skin.

How Yoga helps you to get a Glowing Skin

Well, as discussed above that your glow of the skin is directly proportional to your overall gut health and your respiratory health. The more cleaner gut you have, the more nutrients your body will absorb from the food you eat. And the more healthier your respiration system will be, the more amount of oxygen your body will get giving you that perfect glowing skin.

Yoga, actually makes your respiratory health and your gut health superb which will then give you your ideal glowing skin naturally without using any outer cosmetic or even without any cost.

Practicing some specific asanas helps you make you healthier internally which will be then reflected to your skin outwards. The stretching postures of the yoga also increases your skin’s elasticity making your skin more toned and tighter.

So, what asanas do one practice actually to get that perfect radiance and glow to your skin?

Well, now we are going to discuss the top 9 asanas which will give you your perfect ideal dreamy glowing skin.

Top 5 Asanas to get you a perfect Glowing Skin

1. Sarvangasana (The Shoulder Stand)

Sarvangasana (The Shoulder Stand)
Image Source- Freepik

Sarvangasana or The Shoulder Stand is popularly known as “The Queen of all the Asanas” or “The Mother of all the Asanas”. As the name sarvangasana indicates, Sarva means all, anga means body parts and asana means pose. This asana is mainly effective for all the parts of the body but it is one of the most effective asanas when it comes to getting skin health and skin glow.

In this asana all the body gets lifted up and balanced on your shoulders, as a result, all the blood flow of your body gets redirected towards your upper neck, face and head area. And when the face gets more blood supply then it automatically gets all the vital nutrients from the blood making the face and skin more beautiful.

Steps for performing the Yoga Pose

  1. Lie down on your back with legs stretched straight.
  2. Place your hands on the ground resting beside your body comfortably.
  3. Now lift your legs slowly and gently straight vertically upwards making a 90 degrees angle with your body.
  4. Now gently lift up your hips in the upward direction along with giving proper support to your hips and waist by holding your hips and waist with your hands.
  5. Now as you give support to your back and hips with your hands.
  6. Gently lift your whole body high up on the air straight with proper balance.
  7. Try to bring your body from your shoulders to your legs in a straight line while lifting it upwards vertically.

2. Shirshasana (The Head Stand)

Shirshasana (The Head Stand)
Image Source- Freepik

Shirshasana or The Head Stand is also one of the most prominent yoga pose and holds a very important place in yoga when it comes to increasing the glow of the skin. This asana reverses the blood circulation of the whole body towards your head and your face which helps you in getting a very good glow to your face.

This pose also promotes hair growth and strengthens the neck and shoulder muscles too. It also helps in improving the overall balance of the body.

Steps for performing the Yoga Pose

  1. First of all, sit in vajrasana or the thunderbolt pose on your yoga mat.
  2. Then lean forward and place your both the hands on the ground with your shoulder width apart.
  3. Now bend down forward and place your head between your hands and interlock both fingers of your hands and wrap them around your head to give proper support to your head.
  4. Now lift your hips up in the air.
  5. As you proceed forward in the yoga pose, gently try to lift and balance your whole body on your head and try to be in a vertically straight position while you lift your whole body on your head.
  6. As you attain to the final pose this will at first seem to be very uncomfortable as you will be a newbie to the pose, but as the practice increases you will become more used to it.
  7. When you attain to the final pose try to breathe normally on constant pace.
  8. Hold this position for some time.
  9. Then gently bring down your legs and hips on the ground back again and return to the normal position and relax.

3. Matsyasana (The Fish Pose)

Matsyasana (The Fish Pose)
Image Source- Freepik

Matsayasana or The Fish Pose got its name from the kind of formation the body makes. When performing matsyasana your whole body takes the formation of a fish. Matsya is basically a sanskrit word for fish. And because the body takes the formation of a fish, this pose got its name matsyasana.

This pose very effectively cures thyroidism issues, also opens up the chest, stretches the back and spine, promotes hair growth and also very importantly gives you a perfect glowing skin.

Steps for performing the Yoga Pose

  1. Sit in padmasana or the cross legged position.
  2. Now gently lean backward and lay down on your back with your legs being in that cross legged position only.
  3. Now as you get laid down with your legs being in the cross legged position, just hold the toes of your feet with your hands.
  4. Your right hand should hold the toe of your left leg and your left hand should hold the toe of your right leg.
  5. Now lift your chest and neck upwards and make a bulge out of it.
  6. Your spine should make a parabolic arc in that position.
  7. Now try to touch the crown of your head to the ground.
  8. As you reach to the final position just breathe normally and hold this position for sometime and then come back to the normal pose and relax.

4. Ardha Pincha Mayurasana (The Dolphin Pose)

Ardha Picha Mayurasana (The Dolphin Pose)
Image Source- Freepik

Ardha Picha Mayurasana or The Dolphin Pose seems very complicated by its name, but, it is also a super effective yogasana when it comes to getting a glowing skin. This pose is very simple in performing yet very powerful and has some tremendous benefits.

This pose not only gives you a clear glowing skin but also, doing this yoga pose will strengthen your hair, neck, back, arms and shoulders. You can also get a well toned arms, biceps and back with performing this yoga pose.

Steps for performing the Yoga Pose

  1. First of all come in the adho mukha svanasana or the downward dog pose.
  2. Now from the downward dog, bend a little forward and place your arms (from palms to all the way to your elbows) firmly on the ground giving your body a firm support.
  3. Now place your head between both the arms such that the crown of your head touches the ground.
  4. As you lean forward, Inhale.
  5. Hold this position for sometime.
  6. Then come to the normal downward dog pose, then relax and then repeat.

5. Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose)

Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall Pose)
Image Source- Freepik

Viparita Karani or The Legs Up the Wall Pose is another variation of the Sarvangasana. It is actually a basic version of sarvangasana as if a person is a newbie to yoga, then he/she can practice this asana first before sarvangasana.

The Viparita Karani improves the digestion system of the body which gives a person a better gut health and in short a better and healthier glowing skin. It also reverses the blood circulation of your body which in turn improves the blood circulation around your head and your face giving your a radiant and glowing skin as a result.

Steps for performing the Yoga Pose

  1. There are two ways to perform the viparita karani, first of all, if your are a newbie to yoga, then you try the first method only.
  2. Place your yoga mat beside a wall and get laid down comfortably on it.
  3. Now place a cushion or something soft under your hips to get your hips lifted up a little bit.
  4. Now lift your legs upward vertically straight taking support of the wall.
  5. Now hold this position for some time and then relax and repeat.
  6. This will prepare your body to perform this yoga pose without taking the support of the wall.
  7. Now following the second method, now we will perform the yoga pose without even taking the support of the wall.
  8. So, lie down on your yoga mat on your back with your legs straight and hands beside your body.
  9. Now lift up your legs gently and slowly upwards vertically forming a 90 degree angle with your body.
  10. Now try to lift your hip up also by giving support with both your hands from underneath.
  11. Hold this position for sometime.
  12. Breathe in and breathe out at a normal pace.
  13. Then relax and repeat.

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